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Augustus Toplady


Interpretation of Romans 8:26-39, the Scope of Divine Election, and Infant Election:


“Is it gloomy to believe that the far greater part of the human race (footnoted by Ella with “Actually, most of the so-called Church Fathers up to Thomas Aquinas believed in election and predestination in a form which Wesley denied.) are made for endless happiness?  There can, I think, be no reasonable doubt entertained, concerning the salvation of very young persons.  If (as some who have versed themselves in this kind of speculation affirm) about one half of mankind die in infancy; and if, as indubitable observation proves, a very considerable number of the remaining half die in early childhood; and if, as there is strongest reason to think, many millions of those who live to maturer years, in every successive generation, have their names in the Book of Life: then, what a small portion comparatively of the human species, falls under the decree of preterition and non-redemption!  This view of things I am persuaded, will to an eye as philosophic as yours, at least open a cheerful vista through the ‘gloom’; if not entirely turn the imaginary darkness into sunshine.  For, with respect to the few reprobate, we man, wand we ought, to resign the disposal of them, implicitly, to the will of that only King who can do no wrong: instead of summoning the Almighty to take his trial at the tribunal of our own speculation, and setting up ourselves as the judges of Deity.”